Frequently Asked Questions

This Is How We Help Expectant Mothers at 29:Eleven

How long do women stay at 29:Eleven?

We welcome women at any point in their pregnancy and they typically live in the home for 3-6 months after giving birth.

What does the average day in the life of a resident mother look like?

All resident mothers have a care plan designed to meet their needs and goals. Their days are designed around working towards their goals while also participating in some key program activities and classes designed to educate them while also cultivating community with other residents, staff, volunteers and community members.

Can women who have other children in their care live at 29:Eleven?

At this time due to space constraints, we can only house women with no other children in their care. We have plans in the near future to open an additional, larger home which would be able to accommodate this great need for family housing.

How many women live at 29:Eleven?

We can house up to four women plus their babies.

How can my group get involved?

There are many opportunities to get involved! We are in need of volunteers to help with anything from teaching classes, to assisting with childcare, running errands and regular cleaning! Check our upcoming events calendar for the date of the next Volunteer Information Session.

I'm interested in adopting a baby. Is this something you can help with?

We are not an adoption agency. While we do house and support women who are lovingly placing their child for adoption, birth mothers generally work with a local agency or private attorney.

Is 29:Eleven designated as a 501(c)(3)?
Yes, the 29:Eleven Maternity Home (Imago Dei Ministries) is a tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) Internal Revenue Code. Our EIN is #36-4802622.
How do I make a financial donation?
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Together, We Can Change Lives – Forever

Many young women who are facing an unplanned pregnancy don’t have a safe place to live. Whether they’ve recently left an abusive environment, been abandoned by their partner or family or have lived shelter-to-shelter for some time–they feel alone and overwhelmed by their pregnancy.

Without safe housing and the resources she needs to take care of herself and her unborn child, a young woman may believe abortion is her only option. Every expectant mother deserves a supportive community and a safe place to live where she can make the best decision for her future.

At 29:Eleven Maternity Home, we know how isolating it feels for a young woman to walk through an unexpected pregnancy alone. Since 2017, we’ve supported over 30 expectant mothers in San Diego’s East County as they navigated towards parenthood or created an adoption plan.

Here’s how we help:

We provide young women with a safe place to live throughout their pregnancy in family-style housing.

We connect young women with the resources they need to succeed including healthcare, counselling, education and life skills training.

We empower young women to make the best decision for their future–whether that’s preparing for parenthood through childbirth and parenting classes, or thoughtfully creating an adoption plan.

Donate now to support expectant mothers at 29:Eleven Maternity Home. Your donations will transform the lives of young women and help to save the lives of unborn children.

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